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Christoph Kubisch Alles Im Fluss v1.11
16.1 MB
Global Utility Plugin
Compiled / Description

Alles Im Fluss (German for 'Everything flows') is a Max plugin to aid subdivision modelling. It provides the ability to quickly and easily draw polygon strips, connections or extrusions, and cap holes while maintaining clean, mostly quad-based topology. One single tool provides you with all functionality depending on the sub-object type you are in, or keyboard modifiers used.
Author / WWW Name / Download Plugin Type
Neil Hazzard / Adam Felt Interface:PhysiqueOps v3.0
25.6 KB
Global Utility Plugin
Compiled / Description

This global utility opens up Physique to MAXScript. This version is for Character Studio 3.x, and gives access to the following methods:
- getPhysiqueModifier
- getAPIVersion
- getBones
- getBoneCount
- getVertexCount
- getInitialNodeTM
- getInitialBoneTM
- getVertexType
- getVertexBones
- getVertexBoneCount
- getVertexBone
- getVertexOffset
- getVertexDeformableOffset
- getVertexWeight
- setInitialPose
- setFigureMode
- attachToNode
- initialize
- lockVertex
- unlockVertex
- setVertexBone
Author / WWW Name / Download Plugin Type
Pier Janssen EdgeSmooth v1.0.2
221 KB
Global Utility Plugin
Compiled / Description

EdgeSmooth allows you to smooth models by defining edges as either 'hard' or 'soft'. This is a more intuitive method than the standard smoothing groups: a 'soft' edge means that the faces on that edge share a common smoothing group. When there are no shared smoothing groups, the edge is 'hard'.

This is an open-source project, you can find the repository here.