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Archived Plugin News  –  August 2021

Plugin Update: Utilities

Changes for v10.1.18.5 are:
- Adds an 'Advanced TLS Options' section to the Repository selection window when using a RCS
- Resource Tracker now uses a Repository Option to determine if a Worker is healthy or not
- The auto-upgrade process now updates the local PythonSync package on Deadline Clients
- Repository installer now only requires root privileges on Linux if installing a new MongoDB
- Fixes an 'unable to authenticate' error in the Repository installer
- The .NET Core version has been updated to 3.1.116
- The 'Test' button in the Job Dependency panel now updates the colors of the node labels
- The 'View Worker History' window now uses the YYYY/MM/DD date format
- Fixes an error in the Houdini submitter when checking the version of Python being used
- The Spot Event Plugin now respects Plugin-level Limits

Deadline is available for Max 2010 to 2022 and costs $48 per node per year. A demo version is available here.

Plugin Update: Rendering

Changes for v2020.2.5 - 11.11 are:
- Updates to Octane Render 2020.2.5
- Fixes rotation of 2D transforms
- Fixes texture animation in the Composite material
- Fixes Ornatrix hair vertex color RGB order (adds a setting in Support/Ornatrix)
- Fixes rendering of Render Elements passes

OctaneRender is available for Max 2013 to 2022 and costs €699 per year. A demo version is available here.

Plugin Update: Texturing

Changes for v1.0.7.4 are:
- Adds contrast correction in HSV to the Slicer
- Adds direction of normals correction to the Slicer
- Adds 'Mark all' and 'Unmark all' functions to the Eraser
- In the Slicer and PE, shortcuts (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V & Delete) now works with Shift
- The position of the buttons in Generated texture settings section has been changed
- CoronaPhysicalMtl is created in Corona 7 now
- When copying, the QT nodes now remain instances
- In the slicer, when pressing Enter, the plugin no longer offers to reset the settings
- Fixes incorrect generation of the gaps normals
- Improves autoslicing
- HSV operations in the slicer have been slightly accelerated
- Small fixes in the slicer when working with nonsquare textures

QuickTiles is available for Max 2018 to 2022 and costs $60 per year. A demo version is available here.

Plugin Updates: Peter Watje plugins recompiled for Max 2022

I finally got around to finishing the Peter Watje plugins for Max 2022! There are still a few missing, but most of them have been recompiled. You can find them here.

I've also finishes a few others:

Martin Enthed / Creative Tools AB
- Ego v1.14

Sisyphus Software
- Grass-O-Matic v1.2
- Special Purpose Particles v1.4

Plugin Update: Import / Export

Changes for v4.27 include:
- Adds support for Max 2022
- Adds support for Unreal Engine 4.27
- Fixes a memory corruption issue on scene export in the 3dsMax exporter
- The KernelIO dll has been updated with the 2021 sp1.2 version
- Adds support for thin translucency shading models to the Datasmith UE PBR materials
- A large number of Dataprep improvements and fixes
- Fixes a few Variant Manager bugs and crashes
- A full list of changes and fixes can be found here

Plugin Update: Import / Export

Changes for v7.3.12 include:
- All crowd units are now supported in the Golaem For 3dsMax plugin
- Fixes export of ground meshes that produced bad layout ground adaptation
- Adds an entityIds flag to the glmCrowdSimulationExporter command

Golaem is available for Max 2018 to 2020 and costs €7000.

Plugin Update: Texturing

Changes for v3.1.0 are:
- Fixes issues with User Settings
- Minor bug fixes

XS Material Presets Pro is available for Max 2016 to 2022 and costs €180.

Plugin Update: Renderers

Changes for v7.1 are:
- Fixes the CoronaSky tooltip from saying that turbidity is unsupported in PRG Clear Sky model
- Fixes the text 'Add gamma to input' in CoronaNormal from being clipped
- Fixes a bug with the displacement / subdivision quality radio buttons in CoronaDisplacementMod
- Fixes an occasional crash when light intersects other geometry
- Adds a proper error message when using a UHD cache file generated from an older Corona version
- Fixes an incorrect TAB order in the CoronaPhysicalMtl advanced rollout
- The warning message about VRayHDRI/VRayBitmap now correctly uses the relevant name
- Fixes display/input/output gamma values not being rounded to 2 decimal places in the log file
- Fixes crashes caused by the Wind Binding modifier
- Adds tooltips to CoronaRoundEdges for the samples parameter
- Fixes crashes with ForestPack 5
- Fixes some DLLs not being properly removed when uninstalling v7 installed over an older version
- Fixes the Corona Converter not working properly with V-Ray version 3 installed
- Fixes the Corona Converter firing asserts when converting V-Ray materials
- Fixes the -h and --help parameters not working when running the installer from the command line
- Fixes the displacement modifier ignoring the global displacement switch

Corona Renderer is available for Max 2014 to 2022 and costs €289.99 per year. A demo version is available here.

Plugin Update: Renderers

Changes for v3.0.52 are:
- The Bump / Displacement slots are now more accessible in the RS Material in Max
- Fixes a Max crash when loading a render preset
- Settings mode (Basic / Advanced) in Max is now stored with the scene
- Fixes a Max issue rendering ProxSi objects from SiNi Software plugins
- Various cosmetic and organizational changes to the Render Options UI in Max
- Tidies up some UI layout in the RS Material in Max
- The Maya RS EZ interface has been tweaked and streamlined
- Syncs the Maya Interactive Rendering settings with the RV 'Bucket Rendering' setting/button
- Fixes a Maya issue where duplicate non-renderable template meshes were being created
- All custom Maya RZ EZ controls now have RMB popup menus
- Adds user metadata functionality including keyword/environment variable substitution in Maya
- Fixes the Houdini IPR live updating of Global Illumination and Denoising 'Enable' parameters
- Addresses several Houdini issues with the new RS ROP GUI after adding spare parameters
- Improves the stability and performance of the IPR rendering in Houdini
- Adds a new Houdini option to bypass the Altus denoising in the IPR rendering
- Adds Houdini support for the 'REDSHIFT_DISABLE_AUTOTEXTURESCOLORSPACE' env. variable
- Minor updates in Houdini's RS ROP node GUI
- Fixes a Katana crash in the live rendering events updating
- New Katana fixes related to instance source xform incorrect behaviour in the instance arrays
- Minor updates in Katana's RedshiftRenderSettings node GUI
- Fixes Blender crash issues
- Minor updates in the Hydra Render Settings LOP node Redshift tab GUI
- Fixes a RenderView issue where HDR files were being saved out with postFX only
- Fixes a bug that caused corrupt lighting on the hair shader
- Fixes a bug that caused slower rendering when puzzle-matte AOVs are generated
- Fixes a crash bug when rendering textured OSL shaders and Automatic Memory Management enabled

Redshift is available for Max 2013 to 2022 and costs $500. A demo version is available here.

Plugin Updates: John Burnett plugins recompiled for Max 2022

I finally managed to recompile the John Burnett plugins for Max 2022 (thanks to Howie for making me get around to it!). You can find them here. Next up should be the Peter Watje plugins.

Plugin Update: Particles

Changes for v0.16127 beta are:
- Adds tyVertexOrder modifier for re-ordering mesh vertices based on proximity to another mesh
- Fixes a regression affecting VR5 CPU mode in Max 2022
- Fixes a bug where selecting a PhoenixFD container in relevant fluid operators crashed Max 2022

Plugin Update: Modelling

Changes for v1.4.1 are:
- Adds Curb Profiles
- Adds a new Curb Width feature
- Adds a Curb Gutter option
- Adds support for Max 2022
- Fixes the Supergrass compatibility issue with Vray 5
- The adaptive subdivision bug in Max 2021 has been fixed

Cityscape Pro is available for Max 2017 to 2022 and costs $300 per year. A demo version is available here.