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Archived Plugin News  –  March 2020

Plugin Update: Utilities

Changes for v1.21.0 are:
- Adds support for Max 2021 for all plugins
- Adds support for V-Ray 3.7 in Max 2020 - 2021
- Removes the .mui files from all plugins
- The Create Proxies function now converts from other proxies (ProxSi, VRay, Corona)
- Fixes a Springboard crash when creating Proxies without a path
- Fixes a rare Springboard crash on Instance Objects
- Paste Mtl now pastes even if another material has the same name
- Playblast in Max 2020 now creates .mp4 files
- Forensic no longer closes groups when closed
- Conform Geo in Sculpt no longer picks up Hidden Objects
- Explode by Mtl in Sculpt now bypasses 2-Sided Mtls to keep mtl correct on Object
- Conform Splines in Scribe now only uses geometry within the region of the splines
- Conform Splines in Scribe now works with Render Mesh enabled
- Conform Splines in Scribe now works with XForm Modifiers
- Conform Splines in Scribe will no longer pick up Hidden Objects
- Jumble now works using Groups instead of all objects
- Adds a new Delete Groups button to Jumble to quickly delete all groups in a selection
- Jumble has new icons in Max 2017 to 2021
- Unite now correctly updates files within XRef Scenes
- Adds new Overwrite files for Repath option to Unite
- Adds new MAXScript functions to Unite
- Disperse now supports V/Ray 3.7 properly and no longer crashes
- Scatter now supports V-Ray 3.7 properly and no longer crashes
- SiClone now supports V-Ray 3.7 properly and no longer crashes

SiNi Software is available for Max 2015 to 2021 and costs £180 per year. A demo version is available here.

Site News: Max 2021 support

I've just made some changes to the database so that Max 2021 is now supported. Plugins written for Max 2020 should work fine in Max 2021, so in the database I have simply made all Max 2020 plugins compatible with Max 2021. If anyone notices that a plugin *doesn't* work as expected in Max 2021, please let me know.

Cheers, Dave

Plugin Update: Texturing

Changes for v3.1.4 are:
- Improves the transfer edges progress bar
- Adds a 'growselection' argument to the Randomize macros
- Fixes rare EditPoly errors
- Fixes a transfer edges bug

UV Tools is available for Max 2013 to 2020 and costs $20.

Plugin Update: Animation

Changes for v4.0 are:
- New 4D Digital Humans can preserve clothing details and offer facial animations for more realism
- Ambient actors improves static models by using a new rig algorithm to generate subtle movements
- Adds a new plugin for Maya
- Signing in to your account lets you manage licenses, access your profile, downloads and content
- Notifications affecting your account are now sent directly to the anima standalone application
- New embedded webshop gives you direct access to the full library of AXYZ design products
- The licensing system can now use your AXYZ design website login credentials
- When logged in, the system automatically keeps all your content up to date
- You can now select multiple actors and download all of them with one click
- The library indexing system has been rewritten to optimize performance on network drives
- Adds a toggle to 'alive' to deactivate automatic update mode
- Long Paths optimization dramatically improves performance during path creation / editing

Anima is available for Max 2013 to 2020 and costs €279. A demo version is available here.

Plugin Update: Utilities

Changes for v3.09.15 are:
- Adds a new 'Fast mode' for relinking Max files and material libraries in batch mode
- Adds the ability to search associated previews using fuzzy searching
- You can now modify the suffix for parent files when searching in the 'Auto-Assign Preview' dialog
- Fixes an issue with thumbnail display for some materials
- Fixes an issue with rendering thumbnails for some models using a custom studio
- Fixes some issues with auto-assign preview
- Fixes an issue with show materials in a separate window in v3.08.74
- Fixes a bug with re-using scene materials when merging with the option 'Use Scene Material'
- Fixes an issue with batch exporting some 3D files using the menu item 'Export to:'

Project Manager is available for Max 2014 to 2020 and costs $75. A demo version is available here.

Plugin Update: Renderers

Changes for Drop 4 include:
- Adds dedicated support for RTX GPUs
- The CPU-only core has been updated to the latest libraries and performs much more efficiently now
- Adds fR-CarPaint material, a pearlescent-style PBSR (Physically Based Spectral Rendering) car paint
- Improves GPU support for Forest Pack Pro
- Volume rendering is now faster with a smaller memory footprint
- Adds a dedicated fR-MatteShadowReflection shader for rendering objects into real environments
- Adds full support for the Max texture-baking feature
- Drop 4 has a more optimized material layering system to speed up complex composite materials
- The CPU Denoiser uses the latest Intel libraries for better quality and faster processing speed
- Adds support for the photometric lights built into Max
- HDR workflow gets improved importance sampling and sharper, better shadows from HDR data

finalRender is available for Max 2016 to 2020 and costs €24.50 per month. A demo version is available here.

Plugin Update: Particles / Animation

Changes for v4.10.00 are:
- You can now emit fluid from Phoenix PRTReader particles in the Phoenix Sources
- You can now emit fluid from Krakatoa PRTLoader particles in the Phoenix Sources
- Adds GPU Preview for fire in the Standalone Preview
- Adds controls for the GPU Preview light direction
- Exposes the PhoenixVolumeShaderInterface to sample in Fog mode using IPhoenixFDVolRendSampler
- New IPhoenixFDParticleRendData interface gets render data of a Particle Shader in non-Fog modes
- Speeds up FLIP particle resimulation by 10%, up to 20% on some scenes
- The FLIP solver no longer offsets the Foam particles vertically during simulation
- Adds a pop-up menu with density presets in the right-click properties of bodies
- Speeds up the particle collection rendering pre-process by up to 5 times
- Exposes the Sampler option for Isosurface rendering in the Liquid Simulator
- Speeds up loading of new frames for the Particle Preview by 20%
- The velocity of Drag particles is now stored in the particle data instead of in the Grid Velocity
- Adds an Output Drag Particle Velocity option to Sources
- Adds options to the standalone preview to save a range of frames and a single frame
- Adds a text box to the standalone preview for info on the loaded cache file
- Adds image saving to PNG files in the standalone preview
- By default the saved image files are named the same way as the input cache files
- Fixes warnings about interacting forces if the Simulator is in Include List interaction mode
- And much more... a full list of improvments and fixes can be found here

Phoenix FD is available for Max 2015 to 2020 and costs €600. A demo version is available here.

New Plugin: Modelling

Dashed Shape is a commercial MAXScript that allows you to create a dashed shape from the picked shape in scene. It has simple and customisable types of dash pattern as well as accuracy settings.

Dashed Shape is available for Max 2012 to 2020 and costs $5.

Plugin Update: Renderers

Changes for v4.0.3.17 are:
- Update to Arnold
- Materials with void or invalid connected textures can now be isolated
- Improves the material editor preview performance
- Updates the MaterialX operator to support material assignments
- Fixes noisy beauty when rendering AOVs
- Fixes a GPU crash when trying to render the OSL Noise Gabor map
- Active Shade no longer fails to render a VDB once the sequence goes out of range
- You can now stop AOVs rendering
- Fixes a crash when baking a hidden or non-renderable object with projection
- USDA and USDC Alembic files now show in the viewport and the file selection interface
- Improves viewport support for procedurals with n-sided polygons (other than tris and quads)

New Plugin: Utilities

Proxy Textures is a commercial MAXScript that automatically creates low resolution versions of your textures to speed up work in heavy scenes. The plugin temporarily reduces the size of your textures, resulting in lower memory consumption and better viewport performance. You can set it to use the original textures only at render time, to work faster. You can also use it to reduce unnecessarily large textures, such as ones that are far from the camera, to speed up your renders. If you need to make small render previews or tests, you can easily downsize and optimize all textures accordingly to accelerate your renders. Proxy Textures also lets you convert multiple texture files to JPG/PNG formats, with the choice to either process all bitmaps in scene at once or to work only with the materials in selected objects.

Proxy Textures is available for Max 2015 to 2020 and normally costs $22. For a limited time you can get a license for a reduced price of $15.40. A demo version is available here.

New Plugin: Texturing

UVPackmaster 2 is an efficient and fully-featured UV packing engine available as a plugin modifier for Max. Its robustness comes not only from the fact that it was written in C++ and runs as a multi-threaded application - it also provides a packing algorithm for Cuda-enabled GPUs, which gives a significant boost. In fact, it can perform some packing operations on all devices simultaneously: CPU and all GPUs in the system.

UVPackmaster 2 is available for Max 2017 to 2020 and costs $39. A demo version is available here.

Plugin Update: Modelling / Animation

Changes for v6.3.3.22871 are:
- Fixes the Gravity modifier force going in the wrong direction when an object is rotated
- Fixes all guides collapsing on the same place on scene load in Hair From Curves
- Fixes an error when adding modifiers on reference objects
- Fixes Hair not updating when creating or deleting parting planes
- Fixes points too close to each other causing issues with Frizz

Ornatrix is available for Max 2014 to 2020 and costs $599. A demo version is available here.

Plugin Update: Import / Export

Changes for v3.0 are:
- The list of applications has been given a new look, as have the file icons
- Rarely used things have been moved to a new toolbar
- On the application page, the operator buttons are now implemented as a toolbar
- To further speed up the workflow, most operations now produce dialog windows
- The Esc key can be used to close all dialog windows quickly
- When a new app is created, the App Manager now displays a link to its page
- Applications with many files are now expandable
- There is now a search field for filtering applications in the list
- The screen that appears after uploading to Network is complete has been redesigned
- Verge3D Network's file directory is now displayed in a much clearer tree-based view
- Selected files can now be deleted from the Network
- The list of uploaded files was made filterable thanks to the search feature
- Adds a new feature for uploading zipped projects
- It is now possible to use a custom folder for applications
- Adds a new 'Upload app sources' setting to the App Manager (disabled by default)
- If the App Manager's settings are changed, you don't need to restart the local server anymore
- There is now a switch between light and dark themes in the settings window
- The App Manager now works much faster with lots of projects due to file-access optimizations
- The Puzzles Editor has been redesigned and the layout has been optimised
- The viewport window now displays a checker pattern if you make the background transparent
- Adds a Library button that reveals a new toolbar with library items
- The Puzzles library is now accessible from the Init tab
- You can now copy puzzles between the Init tab and other tabs
- Adding or removing entries to/from the library no longer requires a page refresh
- The settings of the Puzzles editor are now saved within the visual_logic.xml file
- There are now two Standard templates (Light + Dark) from which new applications are created
- Changes the design of the preloader and the fullscreen button
- Basic support of Oculus Quest and similar VR headsets has been implemented
- Squeezing/grabbing events coming from VR controllers can now be handled
- VR controllers' buttons/sticks are now detected by using the implemented gamepad puzzles
- Adds a Cardboard VR option ti the feature available puzzle
- Cardboard devices' button is now supported through native VR puzzles rather than HTML events
- The AR-related puzzle detect horizontal surface is now consistent with the newest WebXR API
- WebXR will now work without flags in upcoming Chrome 81
- Fixes the issue with Verge3D settings missing for imported Max scenes
- Developer Kit builds are now offered to Enterprise customers instead of just source code
- Console messages are now easier to distinguish from other messages thanks to a V3D prefix
- Fixes a rare WordPress plugin issue which stopped it from working with some WordPress themes
- Backported some features of Three.js r113 to Verge3D
- Our own backend for glTF-compliant materials is now used instead of the Three.js-based one
- Optimizes the size of the engine runtime v3d.js
- Adds a new 'container' select option to the HTML DOM selector puzzle
- The after parameter of the set timer puzzle has been renamed as interval for more clarity
- Fixes the bug with transparent background not working with the bloom puzzle
- The developer reference has been separated from the User Manual
- The Beginner's guides for Blender, Max and Maya are now separate pages
- Scroll position is now preserved in the left navigation bar of documentation

Verge3D is available for Max 2015 to 2020 and costs $290. A demo version is available here.

Plugin Update: Modelling

Changes for v2.8 are:
- When a closed group is scaled the Live Update now shows the changes of the group's dimension
- The Volume and Area measurements now follow the objects when it is moved

miauu's Live Measure Pro is available for Max 2009 to 2020 and costs €6.

Plugin Update: Utilities

Changes for v1.5 are:
- Adds new random local offset X/Y by Ctrl+click on the Offset buttons

FloorGen Tools is available for Max 2013 to 2020 and costs $7.

Plugin Update: Particles

Changes for v0.16072 beta are:
- Adds a Property Transfer operator for spreading properties to neighbor particles
- Adds a PhysX Fluid operator to simulate 2-way interactions between tyFlow and PhoenixFD
- Adds a Vertex Color operator for simple color assignments to particle mapping channels
- Adds an 'export particles' checkbox to the Export Particles operator
- Adds MXS helper functions for getting a particle value array for a particular property
- Adds a tyParticleViewer data viewer to the tyCache and tyFlow viewport menus
- Adds a tyProfiler data viewer to the editor right-click utilities menu
- Adds an ID parameter to the Actor operator
- Adds a tySpacewarp spacewarp which can be used to wrap tyFlow forces
- Adds simulation group filtering to the expansion particles parameter
- The Birth Fluid operator can now transfer particle radii from Phoenix to birthed particles
- Adds a 'Sphere Cluster' 3D built-in shape to the shape operator
- Adds a number of new selection methods to the tySelect modifier
- The tyWind helper now has a collisions rollout for occluding wind forces with collider meshes
- Adds a tySelect soft selection option to ignore hidden edges when in edge distance mode
- The Shape operator can now sync animated shape playback to a custom float value
- Adds a 'Simple Reference tyFlow' preset to the preset flow list
- Adds an option to mass property in the Cloth Bind operator to keep mass proportional
- Adds the tySlice modifier, an optimized alternative to Max's slice modifier
- The Shape operator now respects tyProperties modifiers assigned to reference objects
- Adds a tyCache 'pre/post render refresh' option to enable / suppress reset notifications
- Adds a 'load all frames in timeline' button to tyCache for buffering entire cache sequences
- tySplines now has retime by speed params
- Fixes tyCache objects failing to load tyCache files with more than 2GB of uncompressed data
- Fixes an issue where selecting an event could trigger a sim reset notification
- Fixes an issue where tyParticleSkin mesh velocities were not being exported correctly
- Fixes an issue when adding non-sim operators to a Global Export event
- Fixes color values returned by GetColorVal in the Script operator being clamped to 0-1
- Fixes a bug that was preventing tySlicers from working properly on particle binds
- Fixes a crash when calling 'gc()' in MAXScript after accessing a tyFlow's properties
- Fixes the Export Particles operator from incorrectly animating reference light intensities
- Fixes Birth Flow operators unnecessarily duplicating input shapes in memory
- Particle Force operator no longer requires manual enabling of particle interface on inputs
- Improves Export Particles performance with lots of particles over a long frame range
- Fixes Export Particles in render auto-export mode exporting even if the flow was disabled
- Fixes a bug where MAXScript-accessible particle interfaces were returning wrong tm/pos values

Plugin Update: Renderers

Changes for v1.3.5o are:
- Adds projection mapping for the gradient texture
- Fixes a 5% speed drop
- Fixes a gradient texture crash
- Fixes incorrect gradient texture spherical mapping
- Fixes artefacts in the edges render element
- Fixes artefacts in material projections

FStormRender is available for Max 2014 to 2020 and costs €20 per month. A demo version is available here.

Plugin Update: Renderers

Changes for v2.6.53 are:
- Fixes a Max bug where shaderballs did not render correctly after changing system units
- Fixes a Max bug where a deleted object's transform was lost if restored via Undo during IPR
- Fixes a baking issue in Max affecting objects with adjusted pivot transforms
- Fixes a Maya issue with selecting renderable cameras in render globals (Maya 2019 and 2020)
- Fixes a bug causing unpredictable behavior with Redshift light groups on native Maya lights

Redshift is available for Max 2013 to 2020 and costs $500. A demo version is available here.