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Archived Plugin News  –  April 2004

Plugin Update: Render Effects

Changes for v1.20 are:
- Recompiled for Max 6

Plugin Update: Render Effects

Changes for v0.51 are:
- Recompiled for Max 6

Plugin Update: Materials

Changes for v6.0 are:
- Now supports the automatic reloading of textures when they change outside of Max
- Fixes a problem that colors with light parents would crash if no UI was created

Plugin Update: Import / Export

Changes for v3.62 are:
- All VR4MAX Helper Objects now have their own geometric representation
- All properties dialogs now display detailed help information
- A number of VR4MAX Helper objects got additional new properties
- Fixed a bug which caused the Translator plugins to be started in deferred loaded state on some computers
- Fixes a number of small bugs for increased stability and performance
- And more...

VR4MAX is available for Max 3 to 6, and pricing starts at €850. A demo version is available here.

Plugin Update: MAXScript Extensions

v6.05 adds the following:
- windows.getChildrenHWND - get children windows
- windows.getChildHWND - get child window with text
- windows.getMAXHWND - get MAX window HWND
- windows.getDesktopHWND - get windows desktop HWND
- getMAXWindowPos - get MAX window position
- preferences.spinnerPrecision - get/set # spinner digits
- preferences.spinnerSnap - get/set spinner snap value
- preferences.useSpinnerSnap - get/set use spinner snap
- isPropertyAnimatable - returns true if property is animatable

New Plugin: Miscellaneous

This plugin lets WhereIsIt extract information from Max scene files (*.max). The plugin has 2 modules, text information loader and scene thumbnail loader.

WhereIsIt is an application designed to help you maintain and organize a catalog of your computer media collection, including CD-ROMs, audio CDs, diskettes, removable drives, hard drives, network drives, DVDs, or any other media that Windows can access as a drive.

Plugin Update: Controllers

Changes for v1.0 are:
- This is just a recompile for Max 6

Plugin Update: Animation

Changes for v2.2 are:
- Now supports Max 6

New Plugin: Renderers

Liquid+ is a non-photorealistic renderer for Max that allows you to render out bleed-style and soft-style images and animations. Liquid+ is based on the Watercolor-painting style rendering engine developed by P SOFTHOUSE.

Liquid+ is available for Max 5 and 6, and costs ¥45,800. A demo version is available here.

Plugin Update: Utilities

Changes for v6.1 are:
- Fixes problems with the camera rotation

New Plugin: Import / Export

This plugin allows Max to export files in the format required by DrapeFX PRO, a standalone program which allows you to drape color and texture into your graphic files. You can pick up any image, say of a model wearing a dress, and change the fabric color, or apply a texture with a natural and completely simple method.

Plugin News: Service Pack 1 for finalShaders...

cebas Computer GmbH have released Service Pack 1 for finalShaders. The service pack contains a number of 'product enhancements' (bug-fixes) and also brings along a completely new shader, fR-Dirt, for making any object look old and used.

Service Pack 1 is available as a free download to all registered customers of finalShaders. The product will be available the following week after NAB2004. Users will be informed via direct email about the download options.

Plugin Update: Utilities

Changes for v5.0 are:
- Fixes problems with the camera rotation

Plugin News: ScreenSaverMax price drop...

Chimeric Ltd. have lowered the price of their ScreenSaverMax plugins. ScreenSaverMax Professional now costs £100 (~ $180) and the Standard version now costs £25 (~ $45).

New Plugin: Utilities

This plugin provides MaxScript access to expression controllers. Using Expression Controllers can significantly improve the interactive performance of your Max scene compared to using scripted controllers. Now with the power of ExprCtrlOp, you can use MAXscript to create and assign your expression controllers.

Plugin Update: Animation

Changes for v1.1.58 are:
- I can't find a list of changes, as soon as I know I'll update this post.

Plugin Update: Import / Export

Changes for v4.6.0.53 are:
- Max DirectX 9 Shader material support in the form of exporting the details of the .fx file and its parameters

Plugin News: PuppetShop public beta...

Kees Rijnen has started the public beta test of his free character rigging and animation plugin PuppetShop. If you want to try it out, go here. There are also a number of tutorial AVI's and a bug reporting forum at the same link.

New Plugin: Import / Export

GestureMAX is a file import plugin that enables end users to import Poser models and optionally have skeletons, skinning, and rigging applied to those characters so they are ready to animate.

All Actors, Figures and Props (to use Poser terminology), along with the textures and morphs are effectively moved from the Poser environment to the Max environment. In addition, the user has the option to rig the Figure, using native Max bones, or Character Studio biped, and to skin the Figure using the skin modifier, or Character Studio Physique. The new Max characters are ready to be added to the pipeline for animation and rendering.

GestureMAX is available for Max 5 and 6, and normally costs $295. Digimation is running a special price of $195 until 30th April.

Plugin Update: Materials

Changes for v0.11 beta are:
- New and improved algorithms
- Additional bump blending

Plugin Update: Animation

Changes for v1.1.57 are:
- Caches from previous scenes are now preserved
- Load Cache function improved
- Three new toolbar actions
- Cache size is now updated in glu3D command panel
- 'Facing orientation:camera' fixed in viewport display
- 'Facing orientation' is now called 'Particle orientation'
- Plain shapes sources fixed

glu3D is available for Max 5 and 6, and costs $295. A demo version is available here.

Plugin News: DrapeFX public beta...

eVOX have just started the public beta of their upcoming product DrapeFX PRO. DrapeFX PRO allows you to drape color and texture into your graphic files. You can pick up any image, say of a model wearing a dress, and change the fabric color, or apply a texture with a natural and completely simple method. The next release will include a Max exporter, giving full control over texture and color replacement outside of Max.

You can download the public beta here.

Site News: Updated links...

I've updated the links for the HalfLife2 import plugins (see below), as the site they were on seems to have disappeared...

Plugin Update: Modelling

Changes for v2.2 are:
- Fixed G3 filleting
- Fixed several translator issues
- Fixed UVW mapping (works now for selected faces and collapse)
- Fixed Quad Meshing
- Added filleting improvements (new corner cases including G3 blended corners)
- Added new Break Apart command for faces, elements, and volumes (in EditableBrep command)
- Added beta version of Catia native translator

Power Solids (including Power Translators) is available for Max 4 to 6 and costs $495. Power Translators is also available separately for $495. A demo version is available here.

Plugin Update: Import / Export

Changes for v0.9 are:
- No changes, the plugin has just been recompiled for Max 5

New Plugin: Animation

Hercules is an effective and artist-friendly way to create high quality muscle animation for your characters. Adding that extra touch of realism to the motion of your creatures and characters is easy and they will truly come to life! Hercules' muscles primitives will help create realistic bulging, wobbling and sub-surface deformations beneath the skin of your characters when they move.

Simply drag out muscles and attach them to your character's existing skeleton rig or Biped. They will deform right away, squashing and stretching as your creation moves within your scene.

Hercules also works in concert with all of the current skinning modifiers like the built-in Skin, Physique and Bones Pro, so that the skin will react based on the underlying muscles' deformations.

Hercules is available for Max 4 to 6, and costs $599. A demo version is available here.

Plugin News: Chaos Group AURA announcement

Chaos Group have released a load of information about their upcoming plugin code-named AURA. You can read the press release here, and don't forget to take a look at the gallery.